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// CAT 3496c generator for sale//

CAT 3496c generator for sale

Caterpillar 3406c Diesel Generator for Sale | Marine Engines, Marine Generators, Spare Parts.

Used CAT 3406c generator for sale

KVA 365

RPM 1500

Frequency : 50 Hz

The generator is in canopy and in excellent running condition

Subjected to being unsold

Contact us for more details, price and availability.

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// Sulzer Engines and Spare Parts Suppliers//

Sulzer Engines and Spare Parts Suppliers

Sulzer Products | Marine Engines, Marine Generators, Spare Parts.

Used Sulzer Engines, Auxiliary engines, Generators and Spare Parts available in Stock. We are regular suppliers of used Sulzer Engines and parts directly from ship recycling yards in India. Our huge inventory is sourced directly from major ship breaking yards in India. All parts are certified with pressure test and magnetic…

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